Most of us aim to make beautiful photos and beautiful. If we look at the photos that circulated on the Internet such as a photo model, fashion, wedding, and advertising, usually focused on the beauty or the beauty.

Then how can we make a beautiful picture? Surely we must learn what is perceived as beautiful and gorgeous by ordinary people.

In a study in psychology, found that people tend to like the photos a bright and high contrast. Also usually people prefer the rich color images, such as landscapes, sunset and sunrise.

People also like photos that look sharp, so the debate between the lens or camera brand which makes images sharper always crowded on photography forums.

In the portrait photos (photos of people), some people also liked the beautiful photo model. A pretty face usually has a form of symmetry and proportion. A pretty face also has a free skin acne or spots on the face and of course smooth. Therefore, many photographers use image processing to smooth out the human face which is usually not perfect.

In the photo portraits of women, usually those who like tall, slim model with long legs, slim waist but large-sized breasts. As for men, people like the chest and abdominal muscular, tall and broad.

But be careful because every area and different cultures. For example, in Indonesia, white-skinned beautiful woman like Caucasians, whereas in the west, even the brown skin or brown skin are even more beautiful than the pale. Therefore Caucasians, Caucasians prefer the beach to “singe their skins.”
Create beautiful photo was not dfficult imagined:





1. Good photo composition
2. Usage / placement of the light source / lighting appropriate to highlight things that are beautiful and cover things that are less beautiful
3. Mastery of digital imaging to create images more beautiful (but beware exaggeration!)
4. Less is more: Focus to be a beautiful & lovely
5. Find a landscape or a beautiful person to the photo
6. Master the basic photography and use the right lens
7. Note the harmony and balance: Color, texture and the relationship between subject and background should be considered.

Now it’s easy to make photos pretty and beautiful? But photography is not limited to just making beautiful pictures and beautiful course. Fotojurnalisme for example, it is deliberately avoiding the pretty and beautiful, beautiful. Instead look for poor living conditions, such as victims of war, earthquakes and others.

There is also a focus of human interest to the scenes and the reality of natural life. In addition there are photographers that focuses to capture the things that are often found around the house. Although for some people will assume that no photography is beautiful and pretty boring, but with a certain composition and lighting, photos can look more attractive.


My New Artwork !

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check this out !

This is one my favorite graphic design. He was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1973. Henricus Kusbiantoro plays a key role and it is important to design campaign brand expression (RED) Global U2 Bono to AIDS in Africa was launched at the World Forum, 2006 Economic Davos-Switzerland.

Well, at first, Henricus Kusbiantoro joined the central office of Landor Associates, San Francisco in early 2006 as senior art director in branding and corporate identity. He is also an additional instructor directed the research study at the Graduate Department of Graphic Design at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Henricus then started his career very early in the design studio in Jakarta LeBoYe in 1996 before moving to New York City and worked for the legendary New York design firm Studio under the Seymour Chwast pushpin and DK Holland. He then joined New York’s world-class practice of identity design firm Chermayeff and Geismar Inc. and specialized in creating identity. Then design talent has been developed by Wolff Olins New York, a consultant at London based innovative brand in the world, where he redesigned the overall brand expression and new graphics system from General Electric (GE) was launched globally in July 2004.

The work of Henricus’ has been included in LOGO by Laurence King Publisher 2007-London, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME and Fortune Magazine and won the 2007 D & AD Awards Merit Award London and New York Art Director Club (ADC) for branding Design category. He has worked on designing the identity for various prestigious global clients and small non-profit organizations but never forget to express graphics experiments in every media, including independent street posters. One of his posters urban series dedicated to the awareness of Yogyakarta-Central Java Earthquake public and demonstrate in the streets of New York and San Francisco in June 2006.

The design brief was trained at the University of Trisakti-Jakarta, Henricus Kusbiantoro graduated from the School of Art and Design ITB, Bandung and earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design in New York’s Pratt Institute, both awarded the highest achievement.

In his spare time, Henricus can be found hiking in the mountains and enjoys playing with his son, Theo.

This is Henricus’s design..

Prewedding Photos Business

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Hmm, interesting topic for discussion on this one …

Prewedding photos are photos taken before execution of the wedding procession. The aim is none other than to perpetuate the beautiful moment in their lives. Actually this business is one of the promising business prospects for the future, because of almost all people will get married (even multiple times: D) and nearly 40% of them use the services of photographers prewedding.

So what needs to be prepared before starting the business?

Well, if we talk about business is imagined in our minds is the capital. Capital always we associate with money:), photography is not cheap, but comparable with the prospect of the promised. One example is the most important tool that is who the camera (SLR of course), the price could reach tens of millions. Not to mention the other properties such as the softbox, flash, lens camera, or anything that is used to support the quality of an image. To us who have a relatively decent financial, may not be a problem, but for a mediocre certainly not easy to fend for themselves. We need to invite people / relationships to advance our business.

One that we need next is a portfolio, a collection of the results of our work (the original) form of an album for later addressed to the client, aiming to convince the client that the picture is not much different from the portfolio, and that important photos that should be nice and ga embarrassing: D

No less important is the media campaign. The media campaign aims to introduce more of our products to the public. Some media can be used as electronic media, newspapers, Internet, or word of mouth. However, (my former boss said @ jazz photographs, mending looking for a free de .., all the same aja, hehehe: D) can be through facebook, blogs, or free domain name which many on the internet: p

Well just about intermezo wrote about the campaign ..

Now we turn to the tips and prewedding photo shoot location.

Prewedding would be more interesting if performed in an outdoor photo shoot prewedding. Shooting prewedding indoor / studio does have some advantages that cheaper, fast and practical. However, indoor shooting will not produce meaningful memories, just as a formality, and will usually be easy to forget.

Therefore, all prospective bride had long ago set lokasipemotretan customized with a budget that they provide.

Options are usually located on the beach, mountains, lakes, gedung2 storied, old buildings, the other interesting sights as the background. And of course, these locations can not be achieved in one day. If anything, preferably in one area, so it is still affordable.

Location shooting can also be places that become memories of both the bride and groom. For example where invented, where I first met or historic sites in their relationship: D

Arrange the shooting schedule, for example by staying a day before the shooting and previously discussed locations of your favorite client. Arrange these locations so that a route that’s easy on the travel and not much time on the trip.

Make the atmosphere as relaxed as possible in a way often chatting client. It aims to make the client does not feel awkward in the pose, try after possible and make them happy and enjoy, walaupum they did not have the talent to be a model:)

Once finished shooting stage, time my favorite part is editing photos. Here the photographer should also play a role and know the basic photo editing, to avoid confusion between the composition of the tone used by the editor. My boss said again, in editing, use natural colors, soft, not excessive, but it gives the impression of luxury, because the editing is too “well” could be a boomerang, because it gives the effect of “dangdut” and seem cheap.

Just so that I can say, congratulations to receive your first salary  …

hehehe: D

beginners in photography

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Hmm, interesting topic for discussion on this one .. :)
A beginner in photography or the term of a newbie is not uncommon in starting something before it reaches a higher level (read: professionals). Apart from these assumptions, will appear new terms such as: Senior, Master, or junior. Newcomers to the world of photography is called regular or junior, felt his knowledge in the world of photography is still minimal and felt compelled to introduce himself in this community to obtain input from the seniors.
Actually the longer I studied photography, the more I realize that there are still many things to explore :) more deeply than I previously knew. But sometimes, more I read many topics about-newbie-beginner learning photography, I got to thinking something, anything so photography was still a strange stuff in Indonesia? why people use digital SLR can be considered great? And what about great try someone who can use all the advanced features of a mobile phone? A few more questions appear in my mind, why do good people (smart) in the science of photography tends to seem stingy mebagi science? (This I think in general terms). In fact, the newbie like me very thirsty for the sciences as such, rather than taught himself, as if I study without direction.

OK, how to study photography? to study photography is to never stop studying.

Divisions of a newbie, intermediate & advanced and professional (as if professional photographers are guaranteed greater than the photographer for free, but people who could be called rich and bought a complete equipment system, and then advertise wedding photographer, then there is a tenant, can be called professionals as well, do not you get paid: D) could be one of the reasons people stop learning photography.

How to study photography? What else? IMHO, to study photography is to never stop reading. To read Literatures, articles & books. To read the between the lines. To read people. To read nature.

So what is the relation of photography with graphic design?

Definition of Graphic Design is one form of art (drawing) applied that gives freedom to the designer (designer) to select, create, or set the way elements such as illustrations, photographs, writings, and the lines on a surface in order to be produced and communicated as a message. Images and signs that used to be a typographical or other media such as images or graphics photography.Desain generally applied in the world of advertising, packaging, film, and others.
Initially I had no interest to the world of photography, but I’m just a student majoring in visual communication design, which may only wrestle in the field daily graphic design, video editing, web, animation, or the development of some of these competencies. Science of photography is very very supportive of some of these competencies. Just imagine, the web without a communicative image, is it interesting? or a science of animation that I can called “stop-motion”, created by merging multiple photos, how the ad without photo images that describe the product?

As a beginner in both areas, there is no other word than to learn, the more reading the literature and practice and apply them in producing a work of good design.

Hello world!

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